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Intech Completes High Level Rope Access Works for British Steel

April 2020 - Intech Environmental Limited was contracted by British Steel, to safely remove all redundant fall arrest/safety netting and subsequent waste removal, from its Caster 4 facility in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire.

The netting had previously been installed as a safety control measure during work on the roof structure and, upon successful completion of the work, was no longer required.

Caster 4 is 20% of British Steel’s Continuous Casting capacity and the net removal had to be fully executed safely in the defined window, as the client had suspended Continuous Casting to accommodate this work.

Intech’s objective was to fully facilitate the safe removal of all safety netting inclusive of cleaning of process debris and waste, some of which contained Galbestos, a corrosion resistant metal used for roofing applications. The nature of the work meant it could only start following a thorough risk assessment and method statement, ensuring the safety of all working on the project.

Primary client contacts were Craig Fleming – Project Engineer and Leon Pontin – Plant Buyer.

A team of technicians led by Ryan Hayes (Intech’s Operations Manager – Rope Access, Confined Space and Rescue), provided a 24-hour service for the 7-day project window.  Resource deployed included IRATA Level 3, IRATA Level 2, IRATA Level 1, CAT B Asbestos Supervision and a team of industrial cleaners.

Mobilised plant included lorry mounted Disab vacuum unit and bagging hopper.

Technicians used IRATA approved rope access methods to gain access to the ceiling space, using a variety of access equipment including diagonal tension lines for rescue purposes and safe removal of waste created. The team started by removing the redundant netting and finished with high level cleaning.

Communication and team working were essential, and its success was evident following responsible and constructive engagement with the client daily, informative and proactive team briefings, and a detailed handover at each shift change.

Key Success Measures Achieved

  • Zero harm objective
  • All specified netting removed on plan
  • Hazardous waste (Galbestos) professionally removed and disposed of
  • Caster clean up completed to client’s specification on time
  • Less than 7% variance to original planned budget

Key Success Factors

  • Value of engaged planning and preparation
  • Value of simplifying the task “Execute Simple Things With Excellence”
  • Value of Selecting the right service provider to deliver
  • Importance of Aligned Values of all of the team to the business objectives
  • Value of the service provider delivering the promise
  • Importance of engaged and visible leadership
  • Importance of communication at all levels
  • Value of selecting a Partnership Approach to delivery
  • Importance of Integrity “It’s always the right time to do the right thing”

Client Feedback

“What has been a challenging task has been delivered safely, competently and above all you have been an absolute pleasure to work with. I take my hat off to you, all positive attitudes, high standards, drive, commitment and determination, a truly fantastic end result achieved.
From myself, and on behalf of British Steel, thankyou” Craig Fleming – Project Engineer