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Water Jetting
Water jetting is a proven cost effective way of cleaning. Our highly skilled and experienced jetting crews are working with pressure ranging from 200 psi to 18000 psi. Our large fleet of pumps can clean most contaminants with particular emphasis on heavy industry such as:

  • Boilers
  • Steam drums
  • Storage tanks
  • Anaerobic digester plants
We aim to clean without the need for confined space entry. Where man-entry into confined space is required, safety is always our main priority. Our skilled operators use the latest protective equipment, receive ongoing training and regular medical checks.

We produce highly comprehensive method statements and risk assessments for individual projects.

Automated High Pressure
Water jetting is a high risk activity and as such Intech Environmental has developed a single operation jetting system which requires non direct lancing from the operative, this has been used successfully in the following environments to name a few:

  • Economiser banks (tube and fin elements are particularly well cleaned without the risk of damage from high pressures)
  • Heat exchangers
  • Steam drums
  • Mud rums
Key features:

  • Lightweight, modular design for single operator use
  • Slot and rail, direct drive technology
  • Independent control of forward and reverse feed rate, enable operator to set dwell time for optimal cleaning
  • Rail length is easily customizable to match the size of job
  • Installed on its own modular frame to suit size and dimensions
  • Adaptable to clean various types of boilers

Tube Cleaning
At Intech Environmental we are experienced enough to understand that tubes are entirely different from pipe cleaning, tubes are smaller and tightly clustered together to form bundles or banks. We use a range of high pressure pumps combined with specialist jets to unclog tubes to keepo the production and heat transfer efficient. The requirement to clean can occur through deposits being laid in water treatment process and corrosion in areas such as:

  • Heat exchanger
  • Fin – fans
  • Economiser tube banks
  • Header pipes

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