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Mobile Filter Press Hire & De-watering Service

The process of removing liquids from process sludge solids has clear and concise benefits such as:

  • Reduced liquid transportation costs
  • Reduced liquid disposal cost
  • Increased dry solids (filter cake)
  • Creation of a manageable liquid (filtrate)

Upon request we aim to provide a full project management service, supplying mobile dewatering filter presses on either long or short term hire being managed or self-drive basis.

We aim to offer all potential customers sludge sampling as a routine part of our managed services to include prior to any commitment from the potential client:

  • Ability of product to dewater
  • Correct disposal method
  • Filtrate quality
  • Residual dry solid content and physical characteristics

This can either be done in the laboratory or onsite with our mobile test rig.

Alternatives to dewatering are generally more costly, an example is:

  • 50 tonnes of liquid waste with a solid content of 50 percent after the dewatering process has been realised, results in only 25 tonnes of filter cake for disposal
  • 25 tonnes of landfill and transportation cost versus 50 tonnes.

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